Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 8

Jericho 1x08 "Rogue River".jpg

A caption establishes the episode being set a month after the attacks.

Mayor Green's life hangs in the balance when he goes into septic shock after suffering from severe flu-like symptoms. Jake and Eric decide to go to another town about 90 miles away to obtain the medicine the mayor desperately needs.

While traveling to Rogue River, Jake and Eric discover that the world outside of Jericho has changed immensely since the explosions took place. They pass a wrecked car whose driver is lying dead along the road. Eric wants to stop, but Jake points out skid marks and concludes that the car had been run off the road by bandits who could still be nearby. Jake also insists that they travel mainly on back roads instead of primary highways.

When they arrive in Rogue River, they discover that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has apparently evacuated the town because of radioactive contamination of the water. The houses are all marked with FEMA codes indicating when the house was evacuated and how many persons in each house were found—dead and alive. Jake knows the code and explains it to Eric. (It is the same code used following Hurricane Katrina.) The town seems deserted. Read More...


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