Recap General Hospital: Wed, December 15, 2010

Sebastian Roche"General Hospital" SetThe Prospect StudiosABC StudiosLos Angeles11/15/10┬ęsean smith/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 12204U.S.Airdate 12/15/10

At the hospital Theo approaches Patrick, Robin, Steve and Lisa, who are discussing patients. Theo asks if they plan to run more tests on him today. Patrick sourly tells Theo that he's being discharged; despite Mr. Hoffman's insistence, there is nothing wrong with him. Theo looks to Robin; how can she do this to him? Robin sadly admits that she admitted him because she thought he was lonely. She can't find another reason to keep him. She's sorry. Theo absolves Robin of any blame, but accuses the others of negligence. Patrick, Lisa and Steve brush Theo's threats aside, but later take notice when Theo returns -- wearing a smart suit and hands Steve a document. He is suing the hospital for improper care! 

Meanwhile Robin learns that Inez, Lisa's supposed housekeeper's cousin, has been discharged. She confronts Lisa, saying she knows Lisa is hiding something. Lisa warns Robin that the last time she became paranoid, she ended up in a well. Robin recoils; is Lisa threatening her? Because we all know how Robin ended up in that well ... Steve arrives to shut the women down. These high school antics have to stop! Read More...


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