The Good Wife Review - Utter Devastation In Foreign Affairs

the good wife

The house Alicia looked at was gorgeous. I want that house. You know, I'll even sleep in it with Peter if that's what it takes. Oh the things I will do for a good cause.

America Ferrara was really growing on me. I wish they would have kept her on the show. She was cute, funny and sweet. Natalie added a nice touch of naivete but with knowledge and a cleaner view of the sometimes corrupt legal system. I will miss the humanity she brings to Eli.

How funny was the conversation with the Venezuelan president about Courtney Love, her lack of love in our country and her missing Academy Award. No offense to any Venezuelan people, but it shows how poorly some countries are run and how lucky we are to have our government, flaws and all. At least we have a chance! To add to the insanity of it all, Fred Thompson was hired as the president's attorney. Although he wasn't a district attorney. He was, however, good enough to admit he played one on TV. Read More...


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