Stargate Universe: 'The Hunt'... For Love?

stargate universe

Last night's Stargate Universe told the sci-fi element to take a back seat in favor of some character development with love and fear being the driving force behind the episode, which might be polarizing among the show's fans.

Two love triangles dominated the hour, one more prominent than the other. When TJ (and another crewman) were kidnapped by some super fast beasts, I knew that Col. Young would be to hunt high and low for his former paramour. Then Varro threw his hat into the search for the same reasons and I was sure the two would finally lock horns physically over the love for TJ. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but we know that it could very well happen sometime soon, especially after TJ and Varro finally shared a kiss. The build up with this particular storyline paid off and has entered the next stage of development. It can only get even murkier than it is now that Young has freed Varro (courtesy of a suggestion from Greer) for a job well done on rescuing TJ and the potential red shirt. Although, another reason for Varro's freedom could be that the Lucian Alliance faction on the ship is small to null at this point, which means Varro is not considered a threat, despite the fact that he hasn't been since the incursion. I'm betting that Young will not let any of this calculate in his brain once he finds out about his opposition in loving TJ. The other brain will take over then...


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