Stargate Universe 2.15 "Seizure" Review

stargate universe

After about four weeks of Stargate Universereview blackouts, I've returned to discuss the show after getting over a qualm I had about continuing the reviews even though the show is about to end. Prolonged frustration of the show's cancellation caught up to me after reviewing "Deliverance," putting me in a state of mind of "Why Bother?" when it came to trekking on in theSGU review department. I sadly, and shamefully, admit my faux pas and hope that I didn't disappoint anyone in light of my severe lapse in judgment and hope you will continue with me on the final journey of the crew of the Destiny.

Last night's much anticipated episode featured David Hewlitt and Robert Picardo who reprised their roles of Dr. Rodney McKay and Richard Woosley, respectively, as they, along with Cols. Telford and Young, tried like hell to persuade the Langarians into giving them access to dial the Destiny with a modified program/calculation of McKay's to prevent the planet from erupting. Meanwhile, Dr. Rush and the 'consciousness' of Dr. Amanda Perry create a sort of mental holodeck with drastic results. Both stories were pretty intense in the suspense vein, especially the 'A' plot involving the Langarians, because I seriously was thinking, and most definitely wanted, Young and gang to get away with their "Ocean's Eleven"/Saved By The Bell-esque trickery with the communication stones, just only to see if McKay's calculations would work. Sadly, we didn't see Telford return to theDestiny, but at least we know that he can return if SGC finds a viable (and willing) planet to experiment on. Read More...


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