A Reaction Like No Other

One of the things one talks about a great deal when giving private lessons in foreign languages is the media. What are your favorite movies? What are your favorite television shows? Many of us have more than one list; we have the one we give our closest friends, one we give the people who know how we take our coffee but not the songs we turn up loudest while driving, and the one we tailor on the fly to answer a light question for educational purposes.

Not given to tailoring, fashion or much social alteration of any kind, I have one list for each medium which I provide at will. Thanks to that, I've gotten to notice the reaction a person can get admitting far and wide that one's favorite show at the moment is Nip/Tuck.

What reactions does anyone else get? Let's share.



Default avatar cat
Jun 3, 2008 8:59PM EDT

I got like a disgusted reaction from my mom when i first mentioned it is one of my favorite shows.....but now she watches it to and really likes it

Sep 15, 2008 3:33AM EDT

sistermariepigtailedpirate - I enjoyed the prose and tone of your post a great deal. Made me smile with recognition! I'm curious what the reactions YOU received were - you did not include that in your post.
I have only told one friend that I've watched the show and she hushed me to the side and admitted it was her "guilty pleasure" akin to eating junk food. LOL I feel that way about MOST TV in general, anyway!

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