'Biggest Loser' Shows Cara's True Colors

So can we please talk about Cara's little hissy fit from last night? I was kind of amazed watching it. Let's review, shall we? Ken approaches Cara in a reasonable way, communicating his needs in a calm and clear manner. Cara then proceeds to take it personally and completely flip out, yelling and cursing in an alarming way. We've seen trainers yell before, but never quite like this. What the heck was going on?

The difference between Cara freaking out at Ken and Jillian freaking at out, oh, say, RulonOliviaJayJenJustinHannahMosesKaylee, is that Jillian yells in a motivating way, if that's possible. She always appears to be in control. She doesn't insult the character of the trainees. When Jillian yells, it's not always pretty but at least it is always objectively in the interest of the workout. Read More...



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