'Survivor: Redemption Island': Stealth 'R Us takes out two more


So the tribes merged and Sarita was left out in the cold, then poor Matt was sent packing back to "Redemption Island." What will happen with one big happy "Murlonio" tribe?Redemption IslandMatt is kicking himself and gets the "fool me once" quote right, so he's got one up on President Bush.MurlonioDavid and the Zappers are marveling over Rob's "mob hit" on Matt, which is a delightful way to put it. They also realize there is no hope for Zap up against the Ometepe alliance. Ralph makes a hilarious and awkward attempt to talk to some of the girls from Ome about his place, saying he would vote for them at the end over Boston Rob, but they are having none of it. Rob is also keeping his alliance of six very, very close and is making sure they are acting like Ome is better than Zap, but he isn't going to act that way because...



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