'America's Next Top Model' Week 8 Recap: A Whole Lotta Trash Talk

Tonight on America's Next Top Model: The Alexandria drama rages on (and I do mean "rage," at least where Molly is concerned), and, in a visual metaphor for how this show portrays the fashion industry and young women, the final six will pose in beautiful but completely unrealistic gowns at the garbage dump! 

After her panel panic attack ("panel attack"? hey, let's make that a thing!), Brittani says it was the "worst day of her life" and she's now terrified of Tyra's wrath. For good reason, I might add. Tyra was a real straightforward b at panel last week, and most of you were NOT happy about it. In the bus, Brittani apologizes to Alexandria for "exploding" (but not for calling her a terrible person? huh!) and Alexandria agrees to "hug it out" because she's "a forgiver." But her eyes say "That hug was just an excuse for me to touch Brittani in order to assess her bodily weakness, and I'll forgive Brittani when she's good and dead." Alexandria is a lioness who will bite off your head with her razor-sharp ego-talons, never forget it. Read More...



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