'America's Next Top Model': Molly's attitude sucks, so who goes?


We are heartbroken over who had to leave Wednesday on "America's Next Top Model." Heartbroken. But, we're convinced we know why Molly got to stay and Jaclyn was sent packing. There's a pattern forming here and it ain't pretty.Before we get to the elimination (Did we mention we're heartbroken?), let's do a quick recap of the events leading up to it. Tyra Banks gave the girls a lesson in organizing their portfolio. Here's what we took away from it: Start out strong with a dramatic close-up picture of your face, opt for quality over quantity, and end with a picture that's striking and will invite conversation. OK, go be models.At the end of the portfolio lesson, Tyra held up the letter C, because she wanted the girls to "see" where they're all going for this cycle's international destination. After the girls tried to figure out why she was holding up the wrong letter for the...



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