'Justified' - 'Debts and Accounts': Corporate restructuring

'Justified' - 'Debts and Accounts': Corporate restructuring

A review of tonight's "Justified" coming up just as soon as I call you from the landline in my office... 

"You are who you are. Nothing I say has never made any difference. No punishment I can dream of will ever change you." -Art

After last week's series' high point, "Justified" offers up a less exciting, albeit still very strong episode, the sort of bridging episode that's necessary a few times a season on a drama with the kind of narrative ambition Graham Yost and company are demonstrating of late. 

"Brother's Keeper" was the crescendo of a bunch of storylines (Mags vs. the coal company, Coover's jealousy of Loretta, Boyd's search for an angle), and as "Debts and Accounts" open, nearly everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do next. 

After an extremely candid conversation with Art(*), Raylan is more convinced than ever that he's not long for this office, and begins talking to Winona (finally in the midst of divorce proceedings, as part of her own transition) about returning to Glynco to teach recruits how to shoot. Mags begins consolidating her post-crime life, cutting adrift a bitter, flabbergasted Dickie, who prepares to duel with a newly recriminalized Boyd, who embraces his DNA and recruits cousin Johnny (wounded and crippled but not dead from the violence at the end of last season) to rebuild Bo's empire . Loretta struggles with the idea of a foster family, as well as the murder of her father. And Ava, who seemingly wanted out of the criminal world after killing her abusive husband, demonstrates that maybe she does have a weakness for those law-breaking Crowder men when she plants the kiss on Boyd we've all been waiting at least a few episodes for.  Read More...



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