Recap: 'Top Chef Masters' - 'Everything Old Is New Again'

It’s "Top Chef Masters" time, and I’m really ready for the chefs to stop playing nice and start slinging a little mud and throwing diva-esque temper tantrums. So far it’s been altogether too polite for a reality TV show, and while the food is probably outrageously good and we can’t expect chefs of this caliber to steal recipes or toss knives at one another, it’s getting a little dull, like watching a cooking show hosted by an NPR newscaster or Chris O’Donnell.

But wait! Drama! Oh, wait, that’s just the music, it’s not actually a big deal; it just sounds like one. John Rivera Sedlar has had to drop out due to an emergency. Naomi doesn’t care, because that’s one less slab of human meat she’ll need to slice her way through to get the finish line. I have high hopes for Naomi, because she’s either going to have a meltdown or her own or drive another chef to one with her hypercompetitive streak. Anyway, Hugh Acheson comes back to take John Sedlar’s place. John Currence is glad he’s back, because they’re drinking buddies. I’m glad he’s back because he was kind of funny and not just because of the monobrow. Read More...


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