Recap: 'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'The Buddy System'

Pre-credit sequence. Matt returns to Redemption Island. I might be amused. You might be amused. Matt is not amused. "First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate myself on being the most naive person ever to play the game of 'Survivor,'" Matt grumbles. "I can't believe I got blindsided twice by the same people," the clearly irate King of Redemption whines. Matt doesn't understand why God wanted him back on Redemption Island. "I trust you that this is your will, you using my stupidity for your glory," Matt tells God. I suspect God's all, "Sorry. Earthquakes. Chilean miners. Double rainbows. Baseball season. Then I'll catch up with 'Survivor' on my DVR..." God, however, does not get a "Survivor" talking head.
Full recap of Wednesday's (April 13) "Survivor: Redemption Island" after the break...]

Rob is Don Corleone. Ralph is Don Knotts. The sun rises on Day 22 at Murlonio, where David is still impressed by how well Rob orchestrated Matt's whacking at the previous Tribal Council, comparing it to "a hit straight out of a mob movie." Marine Mike joins the gang kissing up to Boston Rob. But Julie isn't pleased. She calls it cold-blooded. "I know it's a game, but do you not have any feeling at all for a human being," Julie laments. No. Rob does not. He's sitting under the shelter with Natalie to his left, Adorable Andrea to his right and they're literally comparing him to Superman. Julie suspects there's no breaking up Rob's alliance and Ralph has also moved to a new stage of grief: Bargaining. He approaches Natalie and Ashley and after getting them to understand that he was asking about being on the chopping block, he vows that he'd vote for either of them over Rob. "It's very aggravating," Ralph says, before adding, "How can we play a game if we don't even know where to start?" Well, Ralphie, you start by playing the game on Day One, I suppose. Rob assures his alliance that they won't make a decision until the last minute and they agree that if they stick to the buddy system, they're guaranteed the Top 6. Rob is determined to keep an Us vs. Them mentality and he's imposed separate shelters and separate eating times. "It's Us vs. Them and we're better than them. And we're gonna be arrogant about it and we're gonna show it. I'm not. But I want them to. Because I want their votes at the end of the day," Rob explains. Read More...


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