Survivor Review: Cutting Out The Fat

CBS did the right thing with this week’s episode of Survivor by basically merging two episodes in to one.  As the ex-Ometepes simply pick off the ex-Zapateras with their numbers advantage – old Survivor style – there’s not much to watch.

Rather than waste our time with sorry attempts at cliff hanger votes through creative editing, the Survivor producers hit fast forward on the season and got rid of two of the Zapateras this week.  With three people left to vote out before the ex-Ometepes are left with their six, perhaps we’ll see the same thing next week.  However, there’s the potential flaw in doing so.  If only one Zapatera is voted out next week, do we know that there will be fireworks the following week?

Allegedly the seasons of Survivor (and most reality game shows) are required by law to be planned out ahead of time.  That is, the producers can’t manipulate the planned facets of the game after the game has started to get what they perceive to be a more favorable outcome.  Not sure what this is all about?  Read the 1960 amendment to the Communications Act of 1934.  Or, just watch the movie Quiz Show. Read More...


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