Check into Sci-Fi, Retro Kitsch at ‘Space Hospital’

Deep in the far-flung future, a motley band of heath-care workers roam the nether regions of space – located just behind the Big Dipper – looking for love, adventure and a steady paycheck. These are the men and women and robots of Space Hospital.

Space Hospital can most easily be described as the union of a 70’s scifi series with the early episodes of General Hospital, back when the soap focused on hospital drama and not the glorification of mob violence. (What?!? It’s a guilty pleasure!)

Creating an intentionally retro, kitschy series is a smart move as replicating the visual effects of recent scifi blockbusters like Avatar would be nearly impossible on a web series budget. While the show’s visual style and campy feel, obviously, will not appeal to everyone it does serve a purpose. "It looks like a kid’s show," states series creator Rob Poe, "[b]ut underneath that façade is something a lot darker and less distinct – whimsy with an undertone of menace." Read More...


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