JUSTIFIED “Debts and Accounts” Review

JUSTIFIED "Debts and Accounts" Season 2 Episode 10 – Once again, there is a whole lot going on in this episode and I’m still reeling for most of it so bear with me while I try and gather my thoughts.

Fir up Mags’ reaction to losing Coover kinda blew me away. Here she was abusing him (both mentally and physically) all this time and then the moment he dies she acts as though he was her favorite? I know that some of her plans to "retire" were already in play before that but it did feel like that, plus losing Loretta, took all of the strength right out of her.

So now there’s a whole new war on the horizon. Boyd is going whole hog into his new life of crime and one of the first things he does is to move out of Ava’s house, not wanting to get her involved. That doesn’t last long though and I was so happy to see those two in each other’s arms by the end. Read More...



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