CRIMINAL MINDS “The Stranger” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "The Stranger" Season 6 Episode 21 – Another Criminal Minds episode, another screaming young and attractive white woman getting slashed. This however was not a problem as the writers utilized (sort of) scary movie techniques (there were all kinds of references which I picked up on, though they were subtle enough that if they were unintentional, then I’m clearly just a horror movie addict who needs rehab, stat!), from When A Stranger Calls to Psycho to the gold standard of slasher movie satire, Scream) to explore what is one of the most common police procedural cases in a relatively inventive way.

The case revolved around an killer with unrequited babysitter troubles who goes around stalking and murdering college women in order to get back at the one who shacked up with his father and had him put in an institution for displaying sadistic tendencies and a minor Oedipus complex. Read More...


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