MODERN FAMILY “The Musical Man” Review

MODERN FAMILY "The Musical Man" Season 2 Episode 19 - Jay spends some time with his brother while Phil’s advertising and Cam’s musical trip around the world at Luke and Manny’s school go very much awry in "The Musical Man." Luckily for us, the censors take the week off, leading to some fabulous double entendres in this all- around terrific episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Sweet Lorna Doone! I’m still laughing at all the goodness tonight. Oh, that van. I knew it was going to be bad, but "I can’t be satisfied" and "Let me make your dreams come true?" Wow. That is just shrink-wrapped amazingness right there. The honking as Claire and Haley drive around is funny enough, but Phil’s eye-widening "I guess I’ll be seeing you Wednesdays and every other weekend" when Alex shows him the picture of the van has me rolling. Of course the ad ends up being a ridiculously inappropriate ego boost for Claire and Phil tries to take credit. I love the Dunphys. Very good choice by the writers to give Haley average SAT scores-too many shows give underachievers genius scores. I’m intrigued by Haley’s ambivalence toward college and I hope that is explored. Alex is certainly embracing her dark side as she roots for Haley’s downfall. "Well, we took the scenic route, but we ended up in the same place." Read More...


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