‘Justified,’ Season 2, Episode 10, ‘Debts and Accounts’: TV Recap

With the season more than two-thirds over, it’s time for a status report of all the major players in the show we call "Justified," and last night’s episode, "Debts & Accounts,"  is the assessment/calm before the storm episode that does just that, and then some.

We’ll start with Raylan (how could we not). He and Art have been uneasily wary around each other for quite a while now. Raylan wants to know where he stands with his boss, but Art cautions that he doesn’t want to go there specifically, but he sums up his feelings about Raylan nevertheless: "You’re a lousy Marshal, but a good lawman". Raylan doesn’t know quite how to take this, so their relationship is a big status quo for now.

Mags is wrestling with many emotions. On the one hand, she’s grieving the death of her son Coover and having Loretta taken away from her care. But on the other hand, she’s rather contemplative with Helen over what the Bennett-Givens feud has cost them, before giving Helen her cut of the Black Pike money. Later still, she shows tremendous anger towards Dickie, blaming him for Coover’s death (remember, he gave Coover up to Raylan last week). She cuts Dickie off, which seems to unhinge the skinny redneck…more on this later. Read More...



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