Modern Family Episode Recap: "The Musical Man"

Modern Family was finally back this week after what felt like an eternity... or just a hiatus. This week Phil tries to advertise his business, but ends up accidentally pimping out Claire and Haley; Luke impresses Manny's crush while they rehearse for the middle school musical, directed by resident diva Cameron; and Gloria urges Jay to connect with his brother rather than bully and prank him.

Phil has his new slogan "I can't be satisfied until you're satisfied," along with a family photo, shrink-wrapped around their minivan. Unfortunately, the placement worked out with Claire's photo on one side, Haley's on the other, and both aligned with phrases that make it seem like they both could show you a real good time. Claire tries to take Haley out for the day, in the minivan, to get her to consider going to college while they, somehow oblivious to the ad, endure a day of honks and cat calls. Phil's phone is ringing off the hook with interested "buyers." Meanwhile, all the fond memories of college have Claire thinking that maybe she's past her prime. In the end, the attention garnered from her potential escort services help her realize she's still got it.  Read More...


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