'Parks and Recreation': Andy and April did what?


NBC didn't do a ton of promotion for "Parks and Recreation" this week -- between all the spots for Will Ferrell on "The Office," the premiere of "The Paul Reiser Show" and the endless parade of hype for "The Voice," there just wasn't much room.That's not exactly a bad thing, though, because when the big deal in "Fancy Party" arrived, I was as surprised as Leslie Knope was, and much more amused. Because who saw an Andy-and-April wedding coming? And even as they were standing in front of the justice of the peace, who saw them seriously going through with it, and there not being a single TV-style complication?*(*Apparently you did, if you remember the promos that aired after "Ron and Tammy Part 2" earlier in the season. The "Parks and Rec" team engaged in some disinformation afterward to undo the inadvertent spoiler -- you can read more here -- but either it worked on...



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