'The Vampire Diaries' Season 2, Episode 18 Recap

In another world, Matt Davis would've made a fantastic villain.

Alas, though we weren't sure of Alaric's true nature when he first arrived in Mystic Falls last season, Ric turned out to be a pretty good guy (neglecting to tell his girlfriend about his not-so-dead wife being her niece's birth mother notwithstanding).

Thankfully, Davis was able to flex his bad-guy muscles on last night's episode of 'The Vampire Diaries' as the first living embodiment we've seen of the ultimate bad guy: Klaus, the first vampire. It was nice easing into Klaus' wickedness via a friendly face, though he truly is evil -- he made Katherine stab herself in the leg repeatedly just for funsies. Don't worry about her, though, because he doesn't plan on killing her anytime soon -- "I've searched for you for over 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that long." Read More...



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