'Parks and Recreation' - 'Andy and April's Fancy Party': Impulse power

A review of tonight's "Parks and Recreation" coming up just as soon as I change my Britta filter... 

'Parks and Recreation' - 'Andy and April's Fancy Party': Impulse power

"I cannot emphasize how little we thought about this." -Andy

First, we interrupt this review to bring you a message from "Parks and Rec" co-creator Mike Schur (whom you might also know by the names Mose Schrute and Ken Tremendous):

"The promo that aired after 'Ron and Tammy Part 2,' which inadvertently gave away the upcoming wedding between Andy and April, was a simple human error on the part of some very apologetic NBC employees.  In an effort to undo the spoiler, we publicly stated, in a number of interviews, that NBC had just accidentally gotten the character names wrong, and that there was no upcoming Andy-April wedding.  We sincerely hope that fans of the show are cool with us gently lying to them, in an effort to maintain the surprise nuptials as much as we could.  Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go shoot the season finale surprise Jerry-Donna wedding scene." Read More...



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