PARKS AND RECREATION "Fancy Party" Season 3 Episode 9 – Oh, PARKS AND RECREATION, I love you so. I love you so much that I dare say you are my favorite comedy on TV currently. In "Fancy Party" (first of all, I LOVE that the name of the episode is "Fancy Party". Not "Dinner Party", nope. "Fancy Party".), April and Andy invite everyone to their place for a dinner party.

Inside the invites, everyone is requested to bring something since "they don’t have a lot of stuff" and some of the requests were the funniest parts of the episode. Silverware, a 3-D TV, Avatar, and 50 pairs of 3-D glasses, cooked steaks, etc. It was awesome.

Leslie tells everyone that they have to go and when they arrive Andy and April have a surprise for them – the dinner party is actually their wedding! Yep, Andy and April decided to tie the knot a week earlier and invited everyone over so they could be part of their wedding. Leslie freaks out, tells April that she can’t marry Andy – they haven’t put thought into it, they’re too young, etc. Ron eventually calms her down by comparing their marriage to his failed 2 (which Leslie reminds him was actually 3), and she calms down enough to enjoy herself. Read More...


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