THE OFFICE “Training Day” Review

THE OFFICE "Training Day" Season 7 Episode 20 – Gotta say I wasn’t that impressed with THEOFFICE this week. I feel sad writing this as I had high hopes for "Training Day", but there was something missing. Like, oh I don’t know… the laughs.

In "Training Day" Michael meets his new replacement, Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) and thus the training of the new Dunder Mifflin manager commences. Pam and Jim are somewhat scary in their attempts to get on the good side of their new boss, while Andy is dubbed the office "funny guy" when he wasn’t making a joke.

Obviously everyone wants to make a good impression on their new manager, and this makes this incredibly awkward for the entire office – except Dwight. Whom I love. Dwight is totally unphased by Deangelo, and instead is focusing on why he didn’t get the management position. Turn out Michael didn’t recommend him for the job, which we find out in a moment between Gabe and Dwight.

Deangelo attempts to take control of the office and tells Erin to answer the phones without her name in her greeting. This doesn’t sit well with Michael and his control issues begin to kick in, which leads to high tension on all sides of the office. Especially when everyone follows Deangelo’s orders, and not Michael’s. Read More...


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