EAGLEHEART “Danger: Mountain Lions” Review

EAGLEHEART "Danger: Mountain Lions" Episode 11 – In my opinion, tonight’s episode of Eagleheartwas the oddball of the season, which is strange too say when every episode is pretty odd anyway. Instead of the ridiculous action packed, crime-spoof episodes that have come before it, this episode reminded me a bit more of a C-Movie Sci-Fi flick on drugs.

The episode starts off with a standard Eagleheart feel as two men meet in mountain lion country for an anonymous sexual rendezvous. They’re interrupted by Chris who jumps out in a hilarious full body mountain lion character suit and lectures them on the dangers of anonymous sex in lion country.

The scene gets better when Brett tackles Chris wearing an identical lion costume to teach the men about the dangers of listening to informative lectures in lion country. Brett tells the two men to get along in their floating cloud which perplexes the men and Chris. Brett explains that gay people ride in floating clouds and then proceeds to list off a number of his other ludicrous stereotypes including shape-shifting black people and Jewish rock-creatures. Brett is an idiot and his made up stereotypes are funny because as far as I’m aware, no real-world stereotypes exist that include flying clouds, shape-shifters or rock-creatures. Read More...



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