NIKITA “Into the Dark” Review

NIKITA "Into the Dark" Season 1 Episode 18 - Would it be in poor taste to say that Nikita and Michael really needed that sexy time? You know, pent up emotions and all. Then who shows up but Owen, guardian and former cleaner! He’s thinner and tattooed, more determined, and a wee bit on the crazy side, with his splitting headaches and drug regimen – a discontinued regimen, that is. Owen’s enhanced cleaner abilities are turning into a damaging obsessive drive.

It’s great to see NIKITA returning to its roots. Tonight’s episode is reminiscent of the first episodes of the season – a darker approach, fast action, and a focused purpose. But "Into the Dark" also keeps some elements from the middle of the season. There is some loving between Michael and Nikita, and the show continues with recaps of choice scenes from past episodes. In addition, Alex is again relegated to the more appropriate role of a capable but inexperienced agent, instead of single-handedly trying to act out the story of the town mouse (Let’s party!) and the country mouse (I want out). Read More...


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