COMMUNITY “Competitive Wine Tasting” Review

COMMUNITY "Competitive Wine Tasting" Season 2 Episode 20 - Two eternal questions: "Who is the boss?" and "Can Pierce be redeemed?" are explored in the "Competitive Wine Tasting" episode ofCOMMUNITY. Meanwhile, Troy and Britta’s acting elective takes a very odd turn.

It’s hardest to review the average episodes. As always with Community, there are some great moments, but overall, this episode leaves me not cold, but definitely a bit cool. Part of that is that I was really looking forward to Abed taking a "Who’s the Boss" class and that subplot is completely shortchanged. Abed breaking Professor "I am not a fan, I am not a groupie; I am an academic" Sheffield is a great punch line, but I wish there had been more set-up. I mean-you have Stephen Tobolowski with Danny Pudi, after all. Use them! I do love that the "What Was Happening" compendium (published by Wheezy’s Television Times Review, no less) next to the gun is Sheffield’s happy place after he accepts that Angela Bower was indeed the boss, but mostly, this story is underdeveloped and disappointing. Read More...


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