Parks and Recreation: "Fancy Party" Review

Hah! Well I guess now it's okay to run the Andy and April wedding gift registry website promos! If you all remember, NBC accidentally ran those videos by accident back during the "Ron & Tammy: Part Two" episode, inadvertently spoiling the upcoming storyline. They even tried to cover their tracks by saying that the promos were supposed to be for Ron and Tammy's wedding, but no one bought it. It's not like they just put the wrong footage up of April and Andy. The NBC voice-over bane of my existence guy actually said "April and Andy" and gave out theAwesomeSauceWedding website. So we all knew this was coming. But that doesn't mean that "Fancy Party" was anything less than fantastic. Charming, effortless and hilarious, "Fancy Party" delivered some true and genuine low-fi laughs by simply relying on their genius ensemble to carry us through a fairly simple set-up to a very touching ending. Yes, we all knew that the whole "April and Andy getting married" story was going to push Leslie and Ben closer together and help Leslie get over her fear of being spontaneous, but I don't think I was really expecting the impromptu house wedding to go off without a hitch. That's right. It was just allowed to be.  Read More...


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