Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 3 Review

What an odd season The Clone Wars recently finished. I've come to love this show, which evolved into something cool and fun for Star Wars fans, both old and young, by its second season. But Season 3 was incredibly disjointed, with a very clear split between the first, painfully slow half, and the exciting and rather awesome second half. Things started off great with a two-parter focusing on Kamino and the Clone Troopers introduced in Season 1's "Rookies." These were emotional episodes, and included an epic attack on Kamino led by General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. But then, as if a harbinger of doom, came Jar Jar Binks. Okay, to be fair, Jar Jar himself was hardly the biggest issue (and only appeared the one time), but his episode, "Supply Lines," was the beginning of a slump for the show. One episode after another focused on politics, trade blockades and other aspects of the Star Wars universe few would name as a favorite. For me, it's fine to have an episode like this once in a while, but to have so many in a row really killed the momentum the series had at that point.  Read More...


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