Community 2.20 "Competitive Wine Tasting" Review

I’ll just go ahead and put this out there: "Competitive Wine Tasting" is probably my least favorite episode ofCommunity‘s second season and quite possibly my least favorite episode OF ALL TIME. Of course, it’s still better than a lot of television out there and if I were giving it a grade, it would still get a B-, but this ultimately fails because it has too many good ideas that it doesn’t really do anything with. In short, this episode is overstuffed, but undercooked.

communityWhile I often enjoy it when the cast of characters is separated into their own fun stories, I much prefer the version of the series where the whole group gets together to do something, or at least swirls around the outside of one major event. "Wine Tasting" has just a bit of that, but only insomuch that it requires all the characters to be in a room for a few riffs and reaction shots. 



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