Archer 2.12 "White Nights" Review


Here's a fun experiment: Watch a show that you really enjoy with people you're not sure if they'll enjoy it. I watched Archer this week with my parents. We have similar senses of humor, but they're (my mother, in particular) aren't as fond of vulgarity. "White Nights" did not disappoint in terms of vulgarity. The episode featured Cheryl coping with glue withdrawals, references to sodomy and Malory's naked backside. I'd say that's fairly classic Archer. My folks ended up really enjoying it. As my mom said at the end, "It's entertaining. It's not stupid."

No, it's not, and that's why Archer can push the crassness envelope and not be offensive or boring.

In "White Nights," Archer treks to Russia to find Nikolai Jackov, who may or may not be his father. As Archer is captured, Malory enlists the help of ODIN's Barry Dillon to rescue him. Read More...


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