Recap Days of Our Lives: 12/24/2010

Brady has caught Nicole and EJ in an embrace. He tries to cover his dismay, but Nicole does the heavy lifting for him. Brady goes with it and he blasts EJ. EJ shuts him down when he reveals Johnny just had his eye removed. He storms off. Nicole goes into Johnny's room and finds EJ staring at his sleeping son. Quiet, Nicole says she's sorry Brady jumped on him, and EJ isn't so sure she's being honest. Nicole tells him she is because she's made her choice - to be there for Sydney. Nicole goes on to say she cares about Johnny as if he were her own son. Stefano arrives and tells EJ not to believe a word out of her mouth. Later, EJ tells Stefano Nicole is not a problem, she's a solution, and Stefano wonders if he trusts her. EJ says the kids do and he would prefer her be around them instead of Sami. At the same time, Nicole manages a moment with Brady and shows him the pictures Vivian had taken. Fortunately, EJ wasn't interested in her accusation and she wasn't able to tell him anything. Brady promises to come up with a plan. Later, Nicole goes back to see Johnny and through her interaction with him, EJ realizes how valuable Nicole is to his family. Read More...


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