Recap Days of Our Lives: 12/30/2010

At Parker's christening, the truth comes out about his paternity. After asking Maggie to take Parker home, Daniel calmly asks Kayla and Caroline why they would say he's not Parker's father. Caroline, caught and ridden with guilt, spills the truth about Philip being the true father, and how she switched the paternity test. Daniel loses it after he receives a confirming look in Philip's eyes as well as Chloe's. Daniel decks Philip and is on the verge of killing him, but comes to his senses. Everyone is in shock as Caroline explains she switched the results because she wanted to save multiple relationships, and keep Parker out of the Kiriakis family. Victor is appalled by Caroline's actions, but she spits right back and wishes she never revealed the truth about Bo being Victor's son. Suddenly, Caroline has a stroke. Kayla, Carly, and Daniel go into doctor mode and Caroline is taken to the hospital. Melanie, Philip, Daniel and Chloe are left to deal with the fallout. Read More...


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