'Supernatural' Recap: Fighting Fate by Unsinking the Titanic

Supernatural fights fate on a regular basis. The Winchester brothers have died and come back so many times that the concept of death has become meaningless. They've stopped the apocalypse and countless other "inevitable" dangers. So it should come as no surprise that the personification of Fate kind of hates them. 

In this episode, "My Heart Will Go On," we meet Fate and see a different world where the Titanic never sank, changing plenty of things, both small and large. Fate, who looks a bit like a school librarian in a porno film, is working her way through the ancestors of the survivors of the Titanic, killing them since they shouldn't be alive. Much like the Final Destination movies, Fate concocts wildly elaborate, Rube Goldberg-esque deaths involving mouse traps and golf balls. Read More...



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