'Firefly (Flashback)' recap: Running On Empty

"Out of Gas" was one of my favorite episodes ofFirefly. It’s also an episode about which I have very little to say, and even less today given that I am mentally fogged-in from a head cold. It wasn’t episode full of prickly ideas and themes to be wallowed in and rassled with like a Mudder in Jaynestown – though that isn’t to say that "Out of Gas" wasn’t full of high-octane drama to think about and feel.  The absorbing hour had mortally wounded Mal flashing on different sets of memories – snapshot recollections of purchasing Serenity and recruiting his crew; the more linear, continuous story chronicling the lead-up to his present predicament --  during a bloody, oxygen-deprived trudge to the engine room in a desperate bid to save himself and the vessel that had become more than just vehicle for him, but an expression of a still-burning idealism that the war couldn’t totally extinguish. I enjoyed the poetically fluid flashback structure (that’s right: "fluidly poetic." I said it. I meant it!) created by writer Tim Minear that evoked other classic examples of unconventional storytelling in The Joss Whedon Family of Shows, my personal faves being "The Body" from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the chilly gem that awaits us at the end of the Firefly line, "Objects In Space." Read More...



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