Game of Thrones Review: The Hand of The King

If you've been following along all week, there are not a lot of surprises in tonight's premiere of Game of Thrones.  We saw the Starks and their home of Winterfell invaded by an old friend, the King looking for a new Hand. We met the Lannisters, who lack an understanding of moral fortitude, even amongst themselves.

We met the siblings Viserys and Darnerys as Viserys plotted to take over the thrown, stolen from his father 17 years earlier. There were a multitude of characters, houses and lands introduced even in the first hour, which might have made it confusing to follow along. Read More...


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May 1, 2011 12:48PM EDT

It was very clear who everyone was. I have not read the books, they are not my type of read. But only a real idiot would be confused. You are introduced to the Stark family, with five kids, and one half brother named Snow, who does not know his mother. We find out Father Stark is a noble man, but that he can not do away with the rules, even when it is the right thing to do, when he kills the knight guard dude. We are introduced to king Robert, who is weak, and a wastrel. His Queen Lannister who is something that rhymes with witch. Her twin brother Lannister who is a cruel bully, an very full of himself. Her son, Joffrey who is even worse. Oh and Tyrion Lannister, who is a good man, a dwarf, and can't help his family is awful. Thats the roll call.

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