'The Amazing Race' recap: Freudian Slips

Wilkommen, meine Leser! Ich hei?e Christian Blauvelt, und wir fahren nach Österreich zusammen gehen!

Sorry, I can’t help myself. Any trip to Austria brings out the German-speaker in me. And it was to the snow-capped land of waltzes and strudel that the eighth leg of The Amazing Racetook us last night. Quite a Kulturschock after India, ja?

When we last left off, Team Angry Dad was eliminated at Varanasi’s Ramnagar Fort. Ron’s existential inability to locate seven holy men torpedoed their chances (and revealed his spiritual bankruptcy), leaving only six teams to race after $1 million like unenlightened souls incapable of transcending samsara. First to depart Varanasi were the Globetrotters. Upon learning that their quest would take them to Austria, Flight Time immediately launched into an Ah-nold impersonation: "I’ll be back. But not toIndia, hopefully." Followed closely by the other teams, they made their way to a travel agency. Wait. How is a travel agency open—fully staffed, mind you—at 2:12 a.m.? Akbar Travels…for when you need to make impromptu flight plans at absolutely ANY hour. Read More...



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