THE KILLING “A Soundless Echo” Review

THE KILLING "A Soundless Echo" Season 1 Episode 4 - It’s day four of the investigation into Rosie Larson’s murder and the twists and turns continue. The video found in day three sets Kris and Jasperup as the prime murder suspects, but (as I suspected last week) all was not as it seemed.

We find out that Sterling and Rosie were no longer close, and that Sterling was jealous of the way guys noticed Rosie. Feeling invisible, she donned Rosie’s costume and wig after Rosie left the party and headed down to the cage with Jasper and Kris. The sex was consensual, the blood was – Sterling claims – from a nosebleed, and the cage is no longer the focus of the murder enquiry.

But where did Rosie go? Sterling admits that Rosie often went on bus rides to possibly meet up with someone. Holder takes the bus and it leads him well out of town. On a hunch, he follows a fellow passenger and ends up in a community centre plastered with Richmond campaign posters, with abasketball team coached by school teacher Bennet. While Holder’s discovering this, Linden is on the other side of town finding letters written to Rosie from Bennet. Meanwhile, Bennet is talking to Mitch Larson and giving her a copy of her daughter’s favourite book. Read More...


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