FAMILY GUY “Brothers & Sisters” Review

FAMILY GUY "Brothers & Sisters" Season 9 Episode 15 – I thought, briefly, that this episode would hail the return of a Stewie centric Family Guy, something which has been missing from the show for far too long. Alas, this was not meant to be. An excellent opening involving Stewie being suddenly and traumatically moved from the comfy confines of his bedroom and stuck at the foot of Peter and Lois’ bed in order to accommodate Lois’ emotionally fragile sister Carol turned into an atypical Family Guyepisode.

Carol, who has been married nine times and has just gone through yet another divorce, finally finds true love: Mayor Adam West. Romantic comedy parodies (the walk down the beach) and medicalmisunderstandings ("I have aides." Mayor Adam West tells Carol, pointing to his staff) aside, this was a pretty enjoyable episode of Family Guy. Political humor and satire took a back seat, as did long pauses for humorous effect and silly side-flashes which have become a staple of Family Guy, and instead the episode focused on developing a romance story. Read More...


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