CSI: MIAMI “Paint It Black” Review

CSI: Miami "Paint It Black", Season 9 Episode 20 – I’ve often criticized CSI: Miami for starting so many of its episodes with club scenes, dances, or pool parties. However, "Paint It Black" only started with two hot girls in a hot tub. So…close enough, right?

I actually thought the case this week had a pretty cool twist. I like the idea of one of the witnesses having short-term memory loss and having possibly watched her best friend be murdered and not remember it. I know that "amnesia" or "memory loss" is an often used story device that’s normally thrown conveniently when the story needs an easy way out, but I liked it here as Monica obviously had other psychological issues besides the memory loss. Amnesia usually befalls completely healthy characters in movies or TV shows when it’s convenient to the story, but at least there was some basis for the usage here. Read More...



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