UNDERCOVER BOSS “BrightStar Care” Review

Undercover Boss "BrightStar Care", Season 2 Episode 21 – Undercover Boss returned this week with a somewhat different episode with "BrightStar Care". Shelly Sun, the CEO of BrightStar, had a very interesting dynamic in this episode by bringing her husband J.D. along with her to help with the whole "Undercover" thing.

This was interesting since we really hadn’t seen a husband/wife combination on this show since "United Van Lines", and in that episode the wife really just did one job as a favor. I personally like this system as I think it’s more believable than having the whole "Two people are trying out for the same job" spiel. It’s unfortunate that J.D. had to go home as I was enjoying the double-boss scenario. Hopefully we can get more episodes like this in the future that focus on multiple bosses. Read More...



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