THE AMAZING RACE 18 “I Cannot Deal with Your Psycho Behavior” (Vienna, Austria) Recap

THE AMAZING RACE 18 "I Cannot Deal with Your Psycho Behavior" (Season 18 Episode 8) –Teams go from India to Austria for wiener schnitzel, couch carrying, and the easiest Roadblock ever in the Vienna Leg (very much brought to you by the 2012 Ford Focus) of THE AMAZING RACE 18.

Ramagar Fort:

Last leg’s winners Flight Time/Big Easy are the first to get their clue at 2:07am. It tells them to fly to Vienna, Austria and get their next clue when they pick up a brand new 2012 Ford Focus from the airport parking lot. Zev/Justin leave next, followed by Kisha/Jen, Gary/Mallory, and Jet/Cord. Kent/Vixsyn are the last to leave the Pit Stop at 3:44am.

The teams all head to travel agents as they try to get the fastest flight to Vienna. Most of the teams take a flight with two connections that should get in at 5:35am, but the cowboys opt for a more direct flight that gets in at 6:00, hoping the other teams hit delays. Bad bet, cowboys. Read More...


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