CAMELOT “Lady of the Lake” Review

CAMELOT "Lady of the Lake" Episode 4 – After Guineviere’s marriage to Leontes Arthur isn’t in the best of moods. During training with Gawain his sword ends up being destroyed and Merlin sets out to find him a sword fit for a king. So begins episode four of CAMELOT.

In "Lady of the Lake" Exalibur finally arrives in Camelot, but not without a price. Merlin seeks out Caliburn to create a sword fit for the king. After some persuasion Caliburn agrees. Long story short, in a vision, Merlin sees Caliburn killing Arthur with said sword and will not allow the swordsmith to deliver his sword himself.

Caliburn doesn’t take kindly to this, and refuses to give Merlin the sword… and so begins a fight. Over a sword. When Caliburn spits out that he would kill Merlin’s family if any were left, Merlin gets TICKED and using his sorcerer’s powers, has a fire flare up and engulf Caliburn.

The sword maker’s daughter arrives moments later to find the charred body of her father next to the sword he created. Merlin assures her that his death was an accident, but the girl snatches up the sword telling him that he will never get it – and takes it to a nearby lake. Read More...


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