SMALLVILLE “Kent” Review

SMALLVILLE "Kent" Season 10 Episode 17 – Smallville is back after a hiatus which was way too long and it returned last night with quite the bang. A major theme in Smallville is the sense of belonging. This is a theme every major character struggles with and its one the show has explored time and time again. Clark’s powers and destiny have alway prevented him from being a normal guy; even among heroes like the Green Arrow Clark was super. The Kent farm is the one place he can truly call home. Lois’ life with her general father has meant that she’s never settled down in one place for a very long time, and she’s strangely attached to the Kent farm. Tess, who was left in an orphanage by her father, has alway struggled with where (and on what side) she belongs.

In this episode Clark, Lois and Tess are all uprooting and, in the case of Tess, selling their family houses. It takes Clark and Lois until the end of the episode until they finally reach the decision that ahouse is just a building, but a home is where your family is. Yes, it’s that sappy, but it was more of an "aw" sappy rather than the standard "blurgh" sappy that can scar a show. Read More...


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