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BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Joker: The Vile and the Villainous” Review

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Joker: The Vile and the Villainous” Season 3 Episode 4 – What puzzles me more than anything is the fact that this show has gone three seasons. And really, it’s probably the most niche of niche shows. It’s A. an animated series about B. Batman but told C. in an alternate “What If” sort of storytelling fashion that holds no real continuity with the rest of the DC universe, save for the premise of rehashing some of the lamer characters in DC’s universe.

Like who exactly is the target audience? I know I posed this question before, but…

Well it’s in its third season, so I can’t talk much junk. It must be finding someone. But to me it feels like a one-trick pony. It feels like they’re SO BORED of Batman stories … really, this is all they have left. A nudge-nudge / wink-wink show. Sure the jokes are sometimes clever, sometimes skewering the comic book genre so deftly you hardly know it was stabbed until it falls over dead. Sometimes it’s just completely over-the-top. Read More...

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