SUPERNATURAL “My Heart Will Go On” Review

SUPERNATURAL "My Heart Will Go On" Season 6 Episode 17 Photos – In this episode Sam and Dean piss off Fate personally. Now on any other show and with any other characters that statement would sound more than a little crazy. On this show that’s pretty much par for the course.

We come upon Sam and Dean in an alternate world where Bobby and Ellen are married and Jo is still alive. It’s all because the Titanic never sank and though Balthazar readily agrees he did it (because he hated the movie), he neglects to tell the boys that he was in fact under Cas’ orders. Cas needed those extra souls for his war but when Fate gets wind of it, she wants to put things right and threatens the lives of Sam and Dean in order to get her way.

And here’s when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Cas was no longer that same cold-hearted angel he was when we first met him. Because when his friends were threatened – the people he says taught him what it was like to be free – he gives up and lets all those souls go. Wow, talk about a sacrifice. Read More...


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