FRINGE “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” Review

FRINGE "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" Season 3 Episode 19 Review – While FRINGE may have traveled to an alternate universe and back the last two seasons, in this episode they take a "trip" to an unexpected destination. In the race to save Olivia and William Bell’s consciousness the stakes are high and difficult choices face both Peter and Walter. The fact that the title of the episode is the longform name for LSD should give you an idea of what a long strange trip this will be for all involved. Are you ready for the Fringeception?

Tonight’s episode has Walter still trying to transfer the Bell part of Bellivia before it’s too late. In a last ditch effort before losing Olivia all together; Walter, Peter and Bell use LSD and electromagnetic brain wave syncing to enter her mind and try to draw her out. What awaits them is an interesting and bizarre world created by Olivia’s subconscious, but dangerous for the new arrivals. The chase that follows takes many twists and turns, both in locations and Olivia’s history. At the end we have Olivia back via Bell’s sacrifice, and she’s ready to face whatever comes, even if it’s the man who’s going to kill her. Read More...


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