Smallville: "Kent" Review

Smallville returns! "Kent" is the first of the final run of episodes for the show and features Clark's reunion with Jonathan Kent. Albeit a Jonathan Kent from an alternate universe. The problem with "Kent" is that it feels like a remix of the previous Earth-2related episode, "Luthor." Just like "Luthor", "Kent" has its moments but when it starts to get interesting, it rushes to a conclusion. There are a few important scenes to be found though which focus more on character than the over arcing season narrative. The moment many fans were looking forward to was the return of Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) who was last seen delivering words of wisdom in an ethereal form in "Lazarus." Earth-2 gives us a glimpse of Jonathan's life if Clark wasn't a part of it and if Martha had left him. Understandably, it's not a pretty picture. There is no question that it's great to see Schneider back as Jonathan and if the excuse had to be that he's from an alternate universe, so be it. Seeing Clark interact with his father again is a great moment. Despite Jonathan Kent having no connection with this man he knows as a monster in his universe, they somehow find an understanding with one another. Almost as if their father-son relationship transcends the boundaries between universes. It's cheesy, I know, but with the series so close to ending, I understand why they dug out the lackluster Ultraman alternate universe again. Read More...


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