'The Celebrity Apprentice': Is Gary Busey Insane, a Saboteur or Both?

Last night on Celebrity Apprentice, when we weren't watching the women do impressions of La Toya Jackson, all eyes (and brains) were on Gary Busey, as he led the men's team to chaotic, embarrassing failure after their Omaha Steaks presentation failed to sizzle. [SPOILER ALERT] His failure to manage time, manage the menu and manage his team mates, who begged anyone who'd listen to get them away from Gary, eventually led The Donald to do what he couldn't do last week, and he fired The Busey. And so the crazy quotes were snatched from our Sunday nights.
At the top of the episode, country star John Rich told Busey he'd almost figured him out: "You're either crazy, or you're a saboteur. And I don't think you're actually crazy." Gary responded by saying he was neither, but then went on to tell the camera that he'd been intentionally hiding his "focus" from Team Backbone, that he was "subtle and mysterious," and that was all "part of [his] art." Then he hissed at the camera and called it his "impression" of a cat, effectively undermining any credibility he'd just established. Read More...



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